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Alpha 2 Firearms Academy

You are Your Own 1st Responder

Whether you’re looking to advance your proficiency in firearms handling or just beginning your journey as a new gun owner,

you’ve come to the right place. Explore a variety of learning opportunities at Alpha 2 Firearms Academy.

Enjoy our site. Acquire more information to inform your next decision. Then take your next step.

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Our Story

Committed to Excellence

Our professional instructors have prepared people to respond to emergencies of all sizes - from the everyday to the life altering disaster - in peacetime and in battle. Alpha 2 Firearms Academy is NRA and USCCA certified to conduct firearms training for personal and defensive purposes. Additionally we are an American Red Cross and C-TECC Training Provider, delivering certified emergency medical and first aid training to complete the protection coverage you need personally and for your family. The training and skills you receive as graduates of Alpha 2 Firearms Academy, qualifies you to join the millions that are trained every year as they practice the skills that can protect and save a life: Your Own - Your Loved One - And Members of Your Community.


NRA - National Rifle Association

USCCA - United States Concealed Carry Association

C-TECC - Committee for Tactical Emergency Causality Care


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