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Modular Handgun

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for You

What is your cancellation policy?

At Alpha 2 Firearms, we recognize that unforeseen events can interrupt a persons schedule. It is our policy to attempt to re-schedule you to attend this course at a more convenient time. We regret that we cannot refund the tuition for the course you have chosen. Additionally, many of our classes have prerequisites & requirements in order for a student to participate. Please read the course descriptions prior to registration. Under certain situations a scheduling fee may apply.

What do I need to know or do before class?

All in class materials will be included in the cost of the course

All students must have a valid Illinois State FOID card to register

For the “Live Fire” qualification the student must bring the following:

  1. Eye Protection (professional shooting glasses - wrap around style preferred)​

  2. Ear Protection (Electronic muffs that allow you to hear the Instructor and RSO would be best)

  3. Comfortable shoes (no sandals or open toed shoes to avoid Hot Brass)

  4. Comfortable pants (no shorts - Hot Brass)

  5. Comfortable shirt with collar that might be buttoned (no low-cut or sleeveless shirts/blouses) - Hot Brass

  6. Hat or Cap with a front bill like a baseball cap - Hot Brass

  7. A pistol for qualification *

    1. Bring pistol unloaded, no round in chamber - no magazine in the gun​

    2. Upon arrival your Instructor will inspect and insert a barrel block for everyone’s safety

    3. 50 rounds of ammunition (do not pre-load your magazines)

    4. Bring the rounds in the original factory box, or a container designed for this purpose

    5. A Speed Loader (optional)

* If you do not own a handgun, let us know and we will bring one for you to use for qualification.


See Course Description for details prior to enrollment. Having to cancel or reschedule your reservation may require a fee.

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